Veterans of the USS West Virginia (BB-48)

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Below is a list of all of the veterans whose last name begins with the letter C.
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Caferio, John C. Calderone, Adone T. Caldwell, William I. Cales, R. W.
Callegari, Peter B. Calvin, Arthur L. Calvin, G. W. Cameron, George A.
Cameron, James S. Camm, James B. Campagna, C. E. Campbell, Clarence Goodwin
Campbell, Clark O. Campbell, James G. Campbell, M. H. Campbell, William Clarence
Canada, Curtis F. Canfield, A. M. Canine, John R. Cannon, Jack O.
Cannon, R. M. Caolo, Michael Capin, R. W. Cardenas, A. H.
Care, E. A. Carlin, Thomas C. Carlson, Clifford H. Carlson, Richard L.
Carlson, Vernon Lyman Carlyle, H. H. Carney, C. H. Carney, Stephen J.
Carpenter, W. Carr, L. Carrell, Richard P. Carroll, H. J.
Carroll, Richard C. Carson, Marvin L. Carstens, Edlef Carter, E.
Carter, William A. Cartright, William E. Cartwright, Julius M. Carver, Robert J.
Case, Leonard H. Casey, John J. Casperson, Jack H. Cassell, H. O.
Cassidy, Andrew J. Cassidy, Philip E. Cassyre, C. A. Castleberry, Gera N.
Catledge, R. N. Caudle, A. B. Cauthron, E. C. Cauthron, Kenneth C.
Cavanaugh, Bert B. Cavanaugh, Francis Cavin, G. C. Caza, D. R.
Cerny, Joe J. Cewe, Robert E. Chadwell, Virgil L. Chadwick, B. W.
Chaez, I. J. Chamberlain, R. G. Chambers, M. O. Chambers, Robert M.
Chambers, Stanley K. Chambers, Theodore Chamblee, Manning W. Chancey, R. E.
Chaney, C. G. Chaney, Gerald O. Chaney, Johnnie , Jr. Chapman, John H.
Chappel, E. D. Chase, Ralph E. Chauncey, Edward S. Cheatham, William R.
Cherpergi, J. P. Cherpeske, D. F. Cherry, Benjamin L. Childress, Marvin T.
Childs, J. W. Childs, Wade D. Chippi, Peter Chittester, N. E.
Chladik, E. J. Choquet, Sylvio J. Christensen, Oliver Roy Christensen, Ralph R.
Christian, William Garnett Christiansen, John J. , Jr. Christiansen, Peter E. Christiansen, Walter G.
Christoffel, H. J. Christy, Robert Lee Chup, Andrew Cicale, A. S.
Cicolani, George Peter Cieliesz, Mitchell Cissna, Wayne Robert Clardy, C. T.
Clardy, Roy T. Clark, B. V. Clark, Billy Anderson Clark, Cecil M.
Clark, Lloyd T. Clark, Ohmar Clark, Verne F. , Jr. Clark, Walter C.
Clark, William Clayton, Owen D. Clayton, Paul M. Clearman, Richard W.
Clemans, Guy P. Clemmitt, J. Click, John K. Clifford, Jack M.
Clifton, Morris L. Clifton, Raymond L. Cline, Cletis A. Clingenpeel, Donald O.
Clingman, H. F. Cloutier, Eugene F. Clutter, Richard C. Cluverius, Wat T.
Clymer, Everett V. Clymer, W. V. Coats, P. E. Cobb, D. P.
Cobb, Tyrus P. Cobb, Walter B. Cobble, R. C. Coburn, James W.
Coburn, Robert H. Cockrell, Claude S. Coen, Bernard C. Coffey, John F.
Cole, Arles E. Cole, Cyrus W. Cole, Duane F. Cole, G. H.
Colegate, V. C. Coleman, Albert C. Coleman, Glaston H. Coleman, Irving Anderson
Coleman, Virgle R. Collins, Charles H. Collins, J. D. Collins, J. P.
Collins, William Colpitt, C. H. Combs, Clyde R. Combs, Donald B.
Comella, W. Conant, Thomas J. Conlon, Albert A. Connal, Douglas Robert
Conosenti, A. Conrad, Kenneth Conradt, J. F. Conrath, A. E.
Conrelio, F. A. Constein, Edward D. Cony, Robert R. Coogan, J. H.
Cook, Bruce R. Cook, Corlio J. Cook, E. M. Cook, R. W.
Cook, Vernon E. Cook, W. T. Cook, Willie E. Cooley, Alvin L.
Coombs, E. F. Cooper, F. R. Cooper, J. O. Cooper, Joseph R.
Cooper, Sidney D. Coor, Rene E. Corder, Curtis S. Corlett, E. R.
Cornell, Alex C. Cornett, G. C. Correll, E. Correll, Phillip K.
Cosenza, Joseph Costa, Dennis Costill, Harold K. Costin, Louis Albert
Coston, B. E. Cottier, Charles E. Coulson, Scott E. Countryman, William H.
County, A. J. Courter, Harold L. Couture, L. V. Cowden, John W.
Cowell, Kenneth W. Cowser, J. A. Cox, Aaron C. Cox, Earl A.
Cox, Eugene Cox, R. M. Crandall, L. M. Crane, Douglas F.
Crask, Herbert G. Craver, Jack R. Crawford, James G. Crawford, Richard C.
Crawford, Robert , Jr. Cray, Willard A. Crayne, Charles R. Creed, Roscoe W.
Cremeans, Earl D. Crew, G. L. Crews, C. Crill, Calvin L.
Crisp, George , Jr. Crites, F. T. Cromwell, Howard D. Crook, Harold R.
Cross, R. R. Crossley, R. P. Crouch, Loren B. Crowder, G. W.
Crowder, J. P. Crowley, J. J. Crudo, W. J. Crump, Robert W.
Crutchleo, Calvin C. Cumm, Robert W. Cummings, D. A. Cuniberti, Remo
Cunningham, Austin D. Cunningham, James L. Cunningham, Leonard John Cunningham, Richard
Cunningham, Walter D. Cupp, H. G. Currey, Joseph M. Curry, R. J.
Curtis, B. D. Curtis, Ennis O. Custance, H. F. Cygirt, Joseph P.
Cyr, John L. Czerwenka, Adolph P.
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