Veterans of the USS West Virginia (BB-48)

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Below is a list of all of the veterans whose last name begins with the letter F.
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Fagan, Henry S. Fagan, Richard Fairbaurt, Herbert Falconer, John Herbert
Fall, C. B. Fanslow, Charles O. Fanslow, Pete Farino, John , Jr.
Farmer, John R. Farnsworth, Curtis J. Farnsworth, R. D. Farthing, Louis Glenn
Faulk, H. G. Faust, Milton B. Featherman, Maurice Felty, R. L.
Feltz, Frank H. Ferebee, L. L. Ferguson, D. M. Ferguson, Samuel D.
Ferland, J. R. Ferrell, Clifford Raymond Ferrell, Raymond Esker Ferrington, A. E.
Ferson, R. B. Fessler, Harry W. , Jr. Fielding, F. Fields, James R.
Fields, W. H. Fincher, L. P. Fink, Robert E. Finkle, Harold B.
Finley, George W. Finnegan, P. E. Finnegan, R. E. Fischer, Hyman
Fischesser, F. A. Fishel, Monroe M. Fisher, Ray C. Fiske, Richard
Fitchett, R. D. Fite, Martin Frank Fite, Robert F. , Jr. Fitzgibbon, John E.
Fitzwater, Chester W. Flaherty, T. F. Flanders, Harold A. Flaugher, Calvin V.
Fleming, Wesley H. Floravit, John E. Flores, J. C. Flores, Jose S. N.
Flores, W. M. Flotow, S. L. Floyd, J. P. , Jr. Foerter, Theodore P.
Foggia, D. Foley, J. L. Foley, James B. Foley, Z. H.
Fomey, Robert E. Fontenot, Remi Fooshee, Felix A. Forcha, D. M.
Ford, Thomas J. Ford, W. P. Forest, A. J. Forson, W. W.
Fortenberry, Guy N. Fortner, John W. Foss, H. M. Foster, G. E.
Foster, L. T. Foth, Jack Fournier, Alfred J. Fournier, Henry D.
Fowler, Charles L. Fowler, James F. Fowler, John D. Fowler, Vance
Fox, Gilbert R. Fox, L. W. Fox, Leo L. Foy, J. H.
Fradd, Richard F. Frain, R. J. Frame, R. H. Francavilla, Mario
Franco, J. R. Frank, J. Frank, N. J. F., Jr. Franklin, Jack G.
Fravor, Dale Frease, A. F. Freden, E. Fredericksen, E. B.
Fredericksen, Earl T. Fredericksen, William Freebery, John W. Freedman, B.
Freeland, M. W. Freeman, J. J. Freeman, Percy O. Freeman, Stephen G. , Jr.
French, J. B. Fritchen, Robert F. Frost, H. A. Fruechtl, Edward J.
Frye, Neil Daniel Fugate, Washington E. Fuller, Millard T. Fuller, Ray Mitchell
Fuller, T. Fullmer, Frank Ross Fuqua, Richard L. Furlong, William R.
Furphy, J. J. Furse, Glen S. Furst, H. W. Fussell, Macon J.
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