Stories of Experiences aboard the USS West Virginia (and other military stories)

Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941 by Werner K. Bauer
Easter Sunday 1945 - Kamikaze Attack by Robert Sutherland
Captain Holsinger's Message to the Crew - October 11, 1945
Ode to a Radioman
Witness to History: Pearl Harbor to Coral Sea by John Matheson
The Creation of The USS West Virginia by Roger Hare
Plane Crazy by Joseph L. Nambo
The Battle for Mt. Suribachi by Francis T. Kleber
My Story by James Downing
Pearl Harbor Essays by Roger Hare
Pearl Harbor Experience of James D. Hunter
Pearl Harbor Memories of B.E. "Gene" Merrill
The Events of December 7, 1941 by Richard "Wallie" Morgan
The Events of December 7, 1941 by Ed Carstens
Diary of USS West Virginia Veteran George Macartney Hunter
Diary of Russell Tippits December 7, 1941
My View from the Bridge by Max Pyne
Action from the Signal Bridge from the "Weather" Side by Aerographers Mate 3/C Charles Prazenica
Article from the Battleships Reunion in Moline, Illinois.
The Events of December 7, 1941 by Aaron "Red" Bagley
They Will Always Be Remembered by Roger Hare
Pearl Harbor Talk by Robert Kronberger
Commentary on the Philippine Islands Invasions By Francis T. Kleber
Pearl Harbor Experiences of Curtis S. Corder
Pearl Harbor Experience of Robert S. Benton
Sixteen Days - A Pearl Harbor poem by Lisa Hilbers
Pearl Harbor Experience of Richard C. Crawford
Signaling his way to Captain's Mast by Raymond F. Albers
Pearl Harbor Experiences of Sylvester Puccio
"My Navy" by Carl O. Pfannkuch
An Interview with USS West Virginia veteran Eugene C. Vojir
First hand account of Pearl Harbor experience by Lt. Richard Mueller Nixon
Biographical Sketch of Mervyn S. Bennion

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