Why a web site?

An open letter to visitors of the USS West Virginia.


Welcome to the USS West Virginia Web Site.  This web site has been developed and will continue to be developed as a tribute the to the sailors who served aboard the ship.  My personal motivation for creating this web site is to have a resource for myself so that I can learn more about the USS West Virginia and the events of World War II.  I continue to be fascinated by the stories that are available from veterans and other people who were alive during the war.  I was not alive to experience the war (nor were my parents) so my exposure is solely via second hand accounts and books.  There continues to be a wealth of knowledge available from various sources including veterans' first hand knowledge and written materials which would take the better part of a lifetime to absorb.  My feeling is that I have the better part of a lifetime remaining to explore the written materials but first hand accounts from veterans run the risk of being lost forever if someone doesn't ask the questions.  This web site puts the questions out there in the hope that answers will be found.  There are still stories to be told and experiences to be shared.  My hope is that this web site will become an outstanding resource for information about the USS West Virginia.  As I continue to learn about the various events of World War II I will compile this information into other web sites in the hope of planting a seed which will continue to grow with the help of interested researchers, family members and veterans.

Thank you for visiting the USS West Virginia. 

Mike Mullins

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