Robert Sutherland
CR Division
USS West Virginia

Robert Sutherland, RM2/c, born May 13, 1924, Pontiac, IL, entered the service in May 1941. He trained at San Diego NTC; was assigned to the Wee Vee in June 1942; and was part of the crew that raised her then sailed to the South Pacific so she could get even, for what had happened December 7. They thought she did quite well!

He left the West Virginia in September 1945 at Tokyo Bay. He retired from the USN July 11, 1961. Worked for ITT Federal Electric Corp. in Greenland on the Distant Early Warning Detection System for early detection of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

He then went to Alaska, worked on the White Alice Communication System until 1976; then to Thule, Greenland, and Mannheim, West Germany. He retired from ITT in 1979; worked as manager of various calibration facilities; and retired again in 1991.
Currently resides in Anaheim, CA, with his wife, Helen, and son, John.

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