Earl C. Bishop
S Division
USS West Virginia

Earl Clifford Bishop, Warrant Officer, born Feb. 4, 1919, Thackery, OH, received his BS degree from UCLA. He joined the USN Nov. 15,1937, and was stationed at Great Lakes NTS; USS West Virginia; USS San Juan; Chief Commissary Stewards School, San Diego; Seaplane Base, New Caledonia; and aboard the USS Knox.

Memorable experiences include meeting his future wife, Ruth, on board the USS West Virginia on Memorial Day in 1938; getting married on May 18,1939; the attack on Pearl Harbor; and the battles while aboard the USS San Juan and the USS Knox. He was on deck when the Japanese planes began their attack on Pearl Harbor. The ship was hit by torpedo's and they could not get ammunition up to the guns. Someone came up with a lot of Irish potatoes, which they threw in frustration at the planes. Later a chief told them to follow him below to close the water tight doors, which they did. He was able to reach the USS Tennessee and walk ashore.

Served as baker 1/c on the USS West Virginia and was discharged as warrant officer pay clerk in June 1946.
He and Ruth have three children, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He retired as controller for Sierra Telephone Co., Oakhurst, CA, in June 1992, after 46 years in the telephone business. Hobbies are golf, bowling and baseball. He played baseball on the USS West Virginia's team. The team picture was sent to the ship's museum.

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