Thomas Roland Baker
S Division
USS West Virginia

Thomas Baker enlisted in the Navy on April 3, 1924.  He was discharged on  January 28, 1928.  He re-enlisted August 13, 1931 for 2 years, special temporary enlistment in the U.S.C.G.  He enlisted again on January 8, 1942 in the USNR and he served on destroyer U.S.S. John D. Henley, in the Pacific.

Our Uncle Thomas R. Baker served aboard this ship. The document we have is the discharge certificate.
It states he enlisted as Apc. Sea. On 3 April 1924. At Jacksonville, FL. For Minority years.
Ratings held: Apr.Sea; Sea.2c; SK3c; SK2c.

Rating at discharge Storekeeper second class (AA) 270-08-02

Discharge date is 28 January 1928

He re-enlisted 13 August 1931 for 2 years, special temporary enlistment in the U.S.C.G.

U.S.N.R.S. Detroit, Michigan
8 January 1942, enlisted this date to serve 2 full years in the USNR.
This was the time I was old enough to remember. Have picture of him in uniform. He served on destroyer. U.S.S. John D. Henley, in the Pacific. Cannot find a discharge date for this time of service.
But remember him telling of watching a kamikaze attack, and another time being able to see flamethrowers on an island.

Can you imagine, his monthly rate of pay was $72 a month. The paid him 0.05 cents per mile to go from San Pedro, California to Tampa, FL. When discharged from U.S.S. West Virginia.

Included in the things I found in my parents house, is a copy of the menu for Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1924 when the ship was at San Pedro, California. Besides all the food that is listed, it ends with coffee, cigars and cigarettes. (E.R. Corlett, Chief Commissary Steward, U.S.Navy .
Sometimes it really pays to go through papers one sheet at a time. You never know what you will find. I do not remember the family ever talking about my uncle's previous service.

I will be glad to make copies of these 2 documents if you would like to have them. Because of 9/11 I never received the paperwork I requested about his discharge at the end of WWII.

Barbara A. (Baker) Chirio (Niece of Thomas Roland Baker)

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