Greetings Shipmates, wives, daughters, sons, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and friends. Hope this finds everyone in fine fiddle. We would like to see all of you at our next reunion in Corpus Christi, Texas. So please take care of yourselves and try to be there to join us in a good time.

A few days ago, my wife and I made a trip to Houston, Texas to visit my son Michael and his fiancÚ. While in Texas we took a trip to Corpus Christi. All of us were delighted with the trip. There were so many great restaurants and things to see and do. This should be a great get together. We are staying at the Holiday Inn, located right on the Beach. There is a trolley service within walking distance of the Hotel. It will take you to all the highlights of Corpus. The weather should be great according to the Corpus Christi Convention Bureau.

One of the highlights will be the USS Lexington, it offers a state-of-the-art, Giant Screen Theatre, air conditioned and very entertaining. The ship itself is better than three football fields long. There are several different aircraft on board. Some that will be remembered by all of us.

We had three memorable reunions this past year. May 2001, USS West Virginia, Minneapolis, MN. Oct. 2001, Surigao Straits Battleships, Moline, IL. Dec. 2001, 60th Anniversary Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii. All went very with good turnouts. The Surigao Reunion proved that we're all getting older. There wasn't even one fight. I had an exceptionally good time in Minneapolis, MN. Meeting old friends. Bob Kronberger said the expected crowd of 300 at Pearl swelled to over 3,000. It looks like we're trying to hang in there.

I received a note from, one of our shipmates stating, the USS Yorktown had their reunion at the same time as BB48. Sorry for the conflict. In the future please let us know we will mention both in out newsletter.

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